Short, unshaven and clad in combat boots, Frohike is the Frog Prince of the Lone Gunman editorial board. Next to Langly and Byers, he looks like the proverbial dirty old man. From his first leering appearance in "E.B.E.," he has made no secret of his attraction to Agent Dana Scully. The photographic and surveillance specialist in the group, he once loaned Mulder a pair of night-vision goggles only after extracting Scully's phone number from him. Yet he has shown a tender side as well, being the only person to bring Scully flowers when she lay dying in "One Breath." Not a great talker, Frohike grows loquacious only when Mulder teases him; he succinctly summarized the atmosphere of suspicion and paranoia in Mulder's apartment during "Anasazi" with one bon mot: "weirdness."